Below is a list of calendars that either

  • have been proposed as candidates for a new calendar to replace the commonly used one,
  • have been devised for some particular purpose (e.g., staying in sync with the Moon's phases, or for living on Mars),
  • have been invented because the calendar maker felt the urge to do so or
  • for some or all of these reasons.

This list also includes calendars of dubious historicity and some that are perhaps not entirely serious.

Proposed calendarsEdit

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Reformed calendarsEdit

Alternative calendarsEdit

Calendars by days per week
3–6 days per week 7 days per week 8–10 days per week






Calendars with 7 day week plus some extrahebdomadal days (days outside of 7-day week)

Positivist Calendar

International Fixed Calendar

World Calendar

Calendars with Radical DesignEdit

Calendars intended for other places than EarthEdit

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Fictional calendarsEdit

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