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The neologism ectolanguage ⓔ comes from the Greek, and means "outside of language".

An ectolanguage such as Ectoenglish (ⓔ; een) is not a new language because some highly political, or Aristotelian language authority, or international organisation has arbitrarily said so. No, ectolanguages have come into being from already well-known political languages, but ectolinguistics has a different purpose than common linguistics.

In ectolinguistics we have gone from a written language which only wishes to deceive (essentially the overall purpose of linguistics today), a language only suitable for political and commercial propaganda; to a written language which only wishes to seek and find truth, and to communicate the same effectively — this is what ectolinguistics is about.

Linguistics claims to be a "science", but it is only a pseudoscience, since it exists solely to serve essentially non-human, non-family, and non-societal needs.

Linguistics essentially exists to serve governments and their juridical children (corporations), not adults and their natural children, in order to make propaganda more effective. Even the Nazi party wouldn't allow a science of linguistics to exist for no other purpose, so if linguistics is a "science", it is then only a satanic science, since it is essentially the science of deception.

An ectolanguage such as Ectoenglish (ⓔ), is not a new language because some highly political, or Aristotelian language authority, or some international organisation has arbitrarily said so.

Even academics and scientists normally state that America — aka the United States of America — is a "nation" in colonial (en-GB) or nuclear English (en-US), but such pseudoscience concepts, such gross negligence with societal, and only societal terms, used by political or civilised — ie caged — animals to continue to promote their so-called political "rights", really amounts to little more than protection of the oligarchic privileges of the few. These privileges of the few, in turn, are kept alive only by damaging, or severely compromising the ectopolitical — or multisocietal — rights of the many.

This is what is totally unacceptable in ectolinguistics, not just a social or societal science, but also a science with ethical underpinnings.

In an ectolanguage like Ectoenglish, calling America a "nation" is the equivalent of a really bad accent verbally, but Ectoenglish is largely a written language, and one where ectolinguistic accuracy is fundamental. If Aristotelian sciences like linguistics are only used to deceive, then they serve purposes which not only are not noble, but they also shouldn't be subsidised with the already limited resources of struggling individuals and families.

Ectoenglishⓔ not only implies a new and freer language, but also linguistic separation from the gross, from inaccuracy which often borders on pseudoscience either inadvertently, or deliberately through repetition by the mass media, by the publishers, and even by the universities, institutions of so-called "higher education".

So just as "dialects", only less popular, not necessarily less beautiful linguistic forms, have died out linguistically through time, virtually all of the world's 7,000 languages will also eventually die out in favour of a few ectolanguages well supported by real, intelligent, and sensible individual people, families, clans and congregations, and not just by the tyranny of the mass media, the publishers, and the universities. Ectolanguages will at first survive, then thrive only through the consistent support of ectolinguistic values, and these, in turn, will also lead to better kinds of non-linguistic values.

Ectolanguages can only exist when they are deliberately used, in god-like fashion, by a few real, intelligent, and sensible people, families, clans and congregations, in order to write ectojournalistic articles, for example.

In order to re-examine history, in a more societal and egalitarian lens, and thus write ectohistory — ectolanguage doesn't simply "rewrite history", but tries to write the truth or (Pythagorean) ectohistory, the truth that can be seen outside of the cults and the dogmatisms of Aristotelian history.

An ectolanguage is not one of the estimated 7,000 "languages" that linguists claim are spoken worldwide. These are not "languages", but are better defined as registers or pseudolanguages, fake languages used only by Aristotelian extremophiles, slaving for their tyrannical governments and plutocratic corporations, and living only or exclusively in concrete jungles called cities. Truly free people, ectopolitans, or gods speak, and especially write in ectolanguages, or natural human languages whose purpose is genuinely multisocietal, not tribal; Pythagorean, not Aristotelian; and ectopolitan, not political or even cosmopolitan.

Ectoenglishⓔ came into being on 30 December 2020, and also ectoitaliano or Ectoitalianⓘ came into being on the same date. A table of all the currently active ectolanguages in use around the world follows below.

Language Language endonym Symbol Code Date
Ectoenglish Ectoenglish een 2020-12-30
Ectoitalian Ectoitaliano eit 2020-12-30
Ectofrench Ectofrançais efr 2021-01-17
Ectochinese 中文外 ezh 2021-02-27
Ectohebrew אַקטועִברִית ehe 2021-03-26
Ectolatin Ectolatina ela 2021-03-28
Ectogreek Εκτοελληνικά egre 2021-03-28
Ectooscan oɔƨooɈɔɘ eosc 2021-04-14

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