'The Peacock's Tail (UCC) Calendar' is a 'Free Man Calendar' and a version of the Universal Celestial Calendar (UCC). It was created by Litmus A Freeman on 22 ONE-Aries♈ 13521 UCC (13th April 2020 Gregorian).

The aim of this version of the calendar is to better align its dates with the actual ecliptic longitude of the Sun in the Western Tropical Zodiac on each day of the year. In the main UCC this alignment is pretty good but can differ by a factor of +2 to -2.7 days at certain times of the year, due to its 'Balanced Zodiac' structure of equal 91 day Quarters in relation to the 1.67% elliptical orbit of the earth.

Structure Edit

The 'Peacock's Tail' version uses a similar structure to the UCC but differs in that it has its 5 main annual intercalary days distributed between the 'Triads' (months) of the longer (northern hemisphere Spring & Summer) part of earth's orbit around the Sun. This is to better synchronise these Triads with their equivalent Western Tropical Zodiac Astrology Signs (months) in terms of ecliptic longitude.


The structure is shown in the journal sketch pictured right.

Intercalary Day Positioning Edit

The 5 Intercalary Days occur at the cusps between:

ONE-Aries♈ & TWO-Taurus♉

TWO-Taurus♉ & THREE-Gemini♊

THREE-Gemini♊ & FOUR-Cancer♋

FOUR-Cancer♋ & FIVE-Leo♌


FIVE-Leo♌ & SIX-Virgo♍

This positioning results in the Quarters 1 & 2 half of the year, when the Sun is north of the equator, being 185 days long whilst the Quarters 3 & 4 half of the year, when the Sun is south of the equator, is 180 days long.

Year Start Edit

This intercalary day positioning also means that the year starts with 'New Year's Day' falling on the 1st day of the first Triad month of ONE-Aries♈, rather than on an intercalary day as in the main UCC. This makes 1st of ONE-Aries♈ typically equate to the 21st of March Gregorian, rather than the 23rd of March as it is in the main UCC. This better aligns with the start of the Sign/Month of Aries♈ in the Western Tropical Zodiac and therefore the Aries♈Equinox, aka the 'Nobenox' (North Bound Equinox) which typically falls on 20th/21st March Gregorian.

New Year's Day is maintained as the first full day after the Aries♈Equinox as in the main UCC.

Leap Years Edit

Leap Year's Day however is still inserted as a 6th intercalary day as 'Day Zero' at the start of leap years in the 8/33 cycle. This gives a 186 day Q1&Q2 / 180 day Q3&Q4 split between the two halves of the year in leap years.

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