The Universal Celestial Calendar (UCC) is a 12 month, non-sectarian, perennial, solar calendar aimed at helping to foster a deeper awareness of our place and time in relation to natural celestial cycles.

It proposes a 'Universal' calendar system for the planet that is independent of any religion and closely tied astronomically to Earth's relationship to the Sun and the Zodiac.

The Universal Celestial Calendar

It is particularly aimed at new/emerging communities and/or individuals who are seeking natural harmony and who do not need to conform to the Gregorian seven day week system.

The UCC uses 10 Day 'Decans' (weeks) grouped into twelve 30 Day 'Triads' (months) - similar to the French Republican Calendar - and starts its yearly cycle at the Aries♈Equinox (March). Its Year Numbers are based on the 'Great Year/Yuga Cycle' i.e. the precession of the equinoxes.

It has been made a 'Standing Proposal For Calendar Reform' since its launch in 13513 UCC (2012 AD Gregorian).

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[A similar calendar known as the Balanced French Calendar has since been proposed (2018) - as a modified version of the French Republican Calendar - but with its year start at the Libra♎Equinox (September) as per the FRC. Like the UCC it spreads the 5 or 6 out-of-month days between the four quarters.]