• Michael Ossipoff

    My two propsoals, South-Solstice WeekDate and South-Solstsice Equal 28-Day Months, differ only in their year-division system.  They both use the same year-start rule (...the South-Solstice Nearest-Monday year-start rule).

    So I'd like to compare those two year-division systems: WeekDate vs 13X28.

    By simplicity, brevity, minimalness, un-arbitrary naturalness, and convenience, the winner is WeekDate.

    Simplicity, brevity and un-arbitrariness are important and valuable attributes for people's understanding and acceptance of a proposal.

    Maybe the main advanage of 13X28 is that people are used to having months. Another possible 13X28 advantage could be that the months serve as explicit payment-perioids ( opposed to the payment-periods available …

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